29 November 2023

Kriti Sanon Advocates for Inclusive Casting in Bollywood

In a recent statement, Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon has expressed her belief in a more balanced approach to casting in the film industry. The actress, known for her performances in a variety of films, has called for the inclusion of more talented actors who may not have a film background, alongside the entry of so-called ‘no-kids’ – individuals with familial connections in the industry.

Sanon, who has herself carved a niche for her talent and versatility in Bollywood, suggests that producers should consider providing opportunities to actors based on their skills and potential rather than solely relying on family connections. The term ‘neo-kid’ refers to individuals who come from film families, and Kriti’s perspective highlights the need for a more merit-driven approach to casting.

Kriti Sanon Advocates

The actress has been vocal about the importance of nurturing talent and creating a level playing field for aspiring actors. According to her, the industry should recognize and embrace the diverse pool of talent that exists beyond the confines of established film families. Kriti Sanon’s stance reflects a growing sentiment in Bollywood for a more inclusive and equitable approach to casting, where opportunities are distributed based on talent rather than lineage.

The call for a balanced approach in casting is not a new conversation in the Indian film industry. Over the years, there has been increased scrutiny on the prevalence of nepotism, and Kriti Sanon’s recent statement adds to the ongoing dialogue surrounding fairness and equal opportunities for all actors.

Sanon’s suggestion is not about excluding ‘nepo-kids’ but rather about creating a more dynamic and diverse industry where talent is the primary criterion for selection. By advocating for the inclusion of actors based on merit, Kriti Sanon hopes to contribute to a shift in the industry’s mindset, fostering an environment where actors are recognized and appreciated for their skills and dedication to the craft.

As Bollywood continues to evolve, conversations about inclusivity, diversity, and fairness gain momentum. Kriti Sanon’s perspective adds a valuable voice to these discussions, encouraging a more nuanced and considerate approach to casting that benefits the industry as a whole. It remains to be seen how this conversation will influence the casting choices and overall landscape of Bollywood in the coming years.

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