21 May 2024

BISP April Payment Received Method New Update 2024

BISP has a new way to give money to families. Before, some people who should get money didn’t get any. But now, the families who should get money and those who shouldn’t are getting payments again. If you haven’t yet signed up for this program, do it quickly. You can start getting help from April 1.

BISP April Payment Received Method

BISP April Payment 2024

Many people wonder how they’ll receive assistance and how much they’ll get after checking their eligibility and other details. No need to worry; all the information about the money is provided in this article. Let me tell you, you’ll receive 10,500 rupees from this program. This amount might be given to you soon, possibly with a discount.

So, it’s a good idea to register for other programs under this initiative to get more help. The government has set up various centers, portals, and online methods for registration, which will be explained in detail later in this article.

BISP Dynamic Surveys

If you want to register online, you need to start by completing the dynamic survey. This survey helps verify your registration for BISP. The registration process has several stages, including the NSER survey, which is already finished. Now, the new method called Dynamic Survey has begun.

Here’s how the dynamic survey works: BISP representatives visit every household on behalf of the government to register them. If a household is eligible, they receive an amount of 10,500 rupees upon registration. You can visit their office or contact them for assistance if there’s any issue or complaint during registration.

So, the main point here is to emphasize that you should only follow the registration and enrollment process through the Dynamic Survey method.

8171 Registration Through Web Portal New Update

During Ramadan, many people who had registered for the BISP program faced difficulties completing their registration and could not register successfully. This method of registration is no longer available. Instead, the new government will provide 8,171 rupees, ensuring a 100% acceptance rate for your registration.

To complete your registration, use the portal provided in this post. It’s essential to have your CNIC and mobile numbers linked to your CNIC. This post will give the portal link, so read it to know how to register.

How to get BISP Money?

As per the latest update from BISP representatives, approximately 9 million families have received financial assistance through this program. If you wish to receive aid now, opening a bank account promptly is crucial. BISP assistance can also be directly deposited into your bank account, making accessing the funds convenient.

Additionally, the government has set up centers at the tehsil and district levels where you can also seek assistance. Notably, there won’t be any fees or deductions associated with this help.

Check your Payment by 8171

If you’ve completed your registration and eligibility verification and filed any complaints but are now wondering how to check your aid, there’s no need to worry. The Government of Pakistan has introduced the 8171 code for this purpose. Previously, you had to visit NADRA to check your money, but now it’s much more straightforward.

You can visit the NADRA office only to correct any wrong information in your registration. However, to check your payment status, eligibility, and other requirements, you can use the 8171 code. All you need is your mobile phone to send an SMS. For more details, read the full article above. You’ll find all the information you need explained in detail.


In conclusion, the BISP program has undergone significant updates to streamline registration, payment, and assistance processes. With the introduction of the new payment method and the 8171 code for checking aid status, accessing support has become more efficient. Eligible individuals need to complete their registration promptly and take advantage of the available assistance channels, including bank account deposits and local government centers. The aim is to ensure that all eligible families receive the support they need without hassle.

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