14 April 2024

Punjab Govt Announced New Nighbaan Relief Rashan Program 2024

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz is a true leader who is deeply committed to the Nighbaan Relief Rashan Program. She believes strongly in equality for all, no matter who they are or where they come from. Maryam Nawaz works hard to make sure that everyone’s voice is not just heard, but also listened to.

New Nighbaan Relief Rashan Program

She personally promises to answer every call herself, showing how dedicated she is to helping people directly. By talking directly with citizens, she shows that she’s easy to reach and builds trust between the government and the people. This hands-on approach makes politics feel more personal and gives people a sense of empowerment.

Maryam Nawaz also cares deeply about those who are less fortunate. She understands the importance of treating everyone with dignity and works to protect human rights and promote fairness. Programs like the Nighbaan Relief Program are her way of giving practical help to those who need it most, making society more inclusive.

Her main goal is to bring about positive change. Maryam Nawaz refuses to get caught up in the perks of her position, setting an example of integrity and selflessness. By putting her constituents first and leading with compassion, she encourages others to do the same.

Maryam Nawaz announce Ramzan Nighbaan Rashan Program for needy people

In summary, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz’s relentless dedication to fairness and justice shows her vision for a better future. Through her strong leadership and commitment to equality, she’s making strides toward a society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their circumstances.

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Eligibility Criteria for Nighbaan Relief Rashan Program

Maryam Nawaz is spearheading an initiative aimed at understanding the needs of the people of Punjab within three months. With a sincere heart to extend support to those who need it the most, she has proposed a comprehensive survey during the auspicious month of Ramadan. This survey aims to identify individuals and families in dire need of assistance, particularly in accessing essential provisions.

In her commitment to ensure that aid reaches those who truly require it, Maryam Nawaz has carefully outlined the eligibility criteria for this relief package. Her emphasis is on reaching out to individuals with monthly incomes of 60,000 or less, acknowledging the challenges faced by those living below or slightly above the poverty line. Additionally, special consideration is given to those facing extreme vulnerability, who struggle to afford their basic necessities.

Furthermore, Maryam Nawaz has extended a compassionate hand to the unemployed, recognizing the hardships faced by those without a stable source of income. Through the Nighbaan relief program, she aims to provide support to individuals who find themselves in such circumstances, offering them a lifeline during challenging times.

With a focus on inclusivity and empathy, Maryam Nawaz’s initiative seeks to uplift and support the most vulnerable members of society, ensuring that no one is left behind during times of need. Simply the criteria are given below.

  • Individuals with a monthly income of 60,000 or less are eligible for the program.
  • People living below the poverty line or slightly above it can receive ration support.
  • The program targets those who are extremely vulnerable and unable to afford necessities.
  • Unemployed individuals with no income source are eligible for the Nighbaan relief program.

Main Objective of the Nighbaan Relief Rashan Program

Maryam Nawaz, daughter of Nawaz Sharif, has announced the launch of the Nighebaan relief package, emphasizing the importance of providing essential support to our loved ones who are facing dire financial difficulties. Recognizing the impact of rising inflation and the heartfelt prayers of the most vulnerable, she underscores the necessity of initiating this program.

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by her beloved community, Maryam Nawaz has become a beacon of hope for the underprivileged by spearheading this initiative. In light of the ongoing struggles endured by many, particularly during these trying times, the relief package aims to alleviate their burdens by providing essential rations to fulfill their basic needs, ensuring a more comfortable experience during the holy month of Ramadan.

Objective of the Nighbaan Relief Rashan Program

Benifits of Ramzan Nighbaan Relief Rashan Program

Bint-e-Nawaz is committed to supporting the needy not just during Ramadan but beyond, ensuring that essential items continue to be delivered even after the holy month. Maryam Nawaz stresses the importance of delivering items essential for livelihoods directly to people’s doorsteps.

Around 6.5 to 7 million goods will be distributed to underprivileged communities through the Ramadan Nighaban package, providing vital support to those who cannot access their necessities independently.

The delivery of essentials aims to help those severely impoverished who struggle to procure their needs, especially vulnerable groups like women who may face difficulties purchasing essential items.

Bint-e-Nawaz understands the distress of the impoverished, witnessing their struggles in long queues for Ration or other necessities. She is determined to spare them from such hardships by ensuring their entitlements are delivered directly to their homes.

Maryam Nawaz puts aside political agendas, emphasizing the moral obligation to deliver assistance to deserving individuals at their doorsteps.

To further ease the burden on underprivileged communities, plans are in place to establish affordable markets during Ramadan, allowing them to purchase essentials at subsidized rates. Bint Nawaz assures her commitment to implementing price control measures to prevent exploitation, ensuring that the impoverished are not charged more than the prescribed rates.


In conclusion, Bint-e-Nawaz’s compassionate initiative extends beyond Ramadan, ensuring continued support for the needy by delivering essential items directly to their homes. With a commitment to alleviate the struggles of the impoverished, she pledges to establish affordable markets and enforce price control measures, sparing them from undue hardship. Maryam Nawaz’s unwavering dedication to serving the less fortunate exemplifies a sincere desire to fulfill the rightful needs of every individual in the community.


What is the purpose of Maryam Nawaz’s Nighabaan relief package?

The purpose of the Nighabaan relief package is to provide essential support to those facing financial difficulties, particularly during Ramadan and beyond, by delivering ration and necessary items directly to their homes.

How long will the distribution of essential items continue under the Nighabaan relief package?

The distribution of essential items will continue beyond Ramadan to ensure sustained support for the needy.

How many goods are estimated to be distributed through the Ramadan Nighabaan package?

Approximately 6.5 to 7 million goods are estimated to be distributed to impoverished communities through the Ramadan Nighabaan package.

Why is there a focus on delivering necessities directly to the homes of the needy?

Direct delivery aims to alleviate the plight of those who are severely impoverished and unable to procure their needs independently, particularly individuals who are unable to go out due to extreme destitution or helplessness, such as women.

What is the significance of establishing cheap markets during Ramadan?

Cheap markets will provide underprivileged communities with the opportunity to purchase essentials at affordable prices, easing their financial burden during the holy month.

How will price control measures be enforced to prevent exploitation?

Price control committees will be initiated to ensure that the impoverished do not pay more than the prescribed rates for essential items, sparing them from exploitation and financial strain.

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