30 November 2023


Since ZONG4G wants its users to be happy, it is always trying out and putting into place new ways to make their lives easier. You can get a ZONG4G Prepaid IDD Bundle from PayMax, EasyPaisa, Daraz, Nayapay, Oneload, and Internet Banking Apps, among other places.

Zong 4G is the market leader in Pakistan when it comes to telecommunications, and it has a long history of giving its customers new and useful services. Subscribers to exciting ZONG 4G IDD bundles, which are available through online banking apps and mobile banking apps, find it easy to call a wide range of international locations.

A representative from ZONG4G said, “One of the things that set ZONG4G apart from the competition and make it the best network provider in the country is that it works hard to give its customers value and ease of use.”
Customers who want to make international calls to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Malaysia, the U.S., Canada, China, and the United Arab Emirates can sign up for the IDD bundle through the apps listed above or through the My Zong app. Both Zong’s website (https://www.zong.com.pk/international/idd-bundles) and online store (https://www.zong.com.pk/onlineshop/idd-bundles) have places where you can sign up for the packages. If you need help, please call 310 (3101 for business customers) or 051-111-222-111.


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