30 November 2023

Xiaomi charges a mobile in 5 minutes with the 300 W charger

The race to find the fastest way to charge a cell phone battery goes on: In a demonstration with a 300 W power adapter, Xiaomi just beat Realme.

So, the charge that Xiaomi says its future phones will have could allow a typical 5000 mAh phone to be fully charged in less than five minutes.

We’ve already seen that Realme showed off its Realme GT 3 phone at MWC 2023. It’s a device that supports 240 W fast charging, which means that its battery can be fully charged in less than 10 minutes.

Before Realme reached this milestone, other phone makers had done the same things. This is the case with the OnePlus 10T 150 W model and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition with a 210 W load.

Even though Xiaomi’s demos are based on models that are considered samples or tests for now, it is not crazy to think that this 300 W super fast charging mode will be a reality by 2023.

Since the Note 12 Discovery Edition was the first to break the 200 W barrier, it makes a lot of sense for Xiaomi to already be working on the next generation that will replace it.

In the Redmi video, the Note 12 Pro+ has a 4100 mAh battery instead of the more common 4300 mAh battery. And it’s because the size of the battery has a big effect on the charge since the phone reaches 20% of its capacity in just one minute and 50% in just over two minutes.
Xiaomi showed that the Redmi phone used for testing can be fully charged in 4 minutes and 54 seconds. Remember that with 240W mode and a slightly higher 4600mAh battery, the Realme GT 3 takes about twice as long.

It’s important to note that the demo took place in a controlled setting, so the charger never reached its theoretical maximum of 300 W. In fact, it goes up to 290 W for a short time and then stays at 285 W for a few minutes.

Xiaomi with the 300 W charger

The main reason would be to keep the parts of the phone from getting too hot, which would shorten their lifespan. Xiaomi says that the system has more than 50 ways to control the current, voltage, and temperature of the charger and terminal.

What isn’t clear is when this technology will be ready to be used in a commercially available phone. We also don’t know how this speed might change the number of times the device can be charged.

Realme took a year to launch 240W charging, which shows that it takes time and testing before a mobile company makes a mistake. Check out our list of the top 10 phones with the best batteries.

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