30 November 2023

SDC Peshawar Free Courses with Skillful Training

SDC Peshawar Free Courses with Skillful Training – Skill Development Council (SDC) has released a list of the top 26 free classes for 2022 that will give skilled training based on world standards. All of the people who live in KPK can benefit from these classes and feel better about their futures by learning technical skills. With the help of NTPA, SDC has started types that help people prepare for work. Here is a list of the classes;

SDC Peshawar Free Courses with Skillful Training

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Free International Courses from SDC Peshawar with Certificates in 2022 NTPA

One of the best things about these classes is that they offer free training for people who want to change their future. SDC Peshawar Free Courses with Skillful Training.

  1. MS Office
  2. Graphic Designing
  3. Web Designing
  4. Big Data
  5. Amazon Affiliate Program
  6. Freelancing
  7. Peachtree
  8. Mobile Repairing
  9. Electrician
  10. Wood Work
  11. Plumbing
  12. Cyber Security Training
  13. Soft Skills
  14. Basic Tailoring
  15. Digital Marketing
  16. WordPress
  17. Digital Photography
  18. Digital Videography
  19. Online Business
  20. CCTV
  21. Joomla
  22. Networking
  23. Blogging
  24. Dress Making
  25. Hand Embroidery
  26. Beautician

Eligibility Criteria For Online Short Course Registration At SDC Peshawar

  • SDC will test all of the applicants online.
  • They will train 1600 chosen people in 8 different sites.
  • Only on Saturday and Sunday will they have school.
  • All of the candidates will get a certificate from the SDC.
  • In KPK, there will be 8 centers, and 200 people will be chosen from each center.

All the men and women from the KPK area between the ages of 16 and 40. Women and people with disabilities will be urged to sign up for these free classes. Noble Testing & Procuring Agency has the latest information on classes, material, test dates, bank challan, and other things. SDC Peshawar Free Courses with Skillful Training.

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SDC Peshawar Free Courses Application Form

The last date to apply for free courses in Peshawar is 28th June 2022

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SDC Peshawar Free Courses with Skillful Training

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