July 22, 2024

Salman Khan-Sana Khan Viral Video: A Light-hearted Moment on Bigg Boss

Salman Khan-Sana Khan Viral Video: In the realm of reality TV, superstar Salman Khan, famously known for hosting the reality show “Bigg Boss,” often exhibits various facets of his personality. Sometimes, he’s seen getting irked with contestants, while other times, he’s thoroughly engrossed in playful banter. Today, we bring you a throwback video from Salman Khan’s hosting stint on Bigg Boss, where he shares a naughty exchange with Sana Khan.

Salman Khan-Sana Khan Viral Video: A Light-hearted Moment on Bigg Boss
Sana Khan once shut down trolls who criticised her hug with Salman Khan. (Photo credit: Salman Khan, Sana Khan / Instagram)

The video showcases Salman Khan in a jovial mood. During the interaction, Salman Khan quips, “You’ve turned me into a goat, will you now make me halal?” To this, Sana Khan declines with a firm “No, sir.” Salman Khan’s jesting spirit doesn’t stop there; he further asks, “What will you give me for Eid?” Sana Khan replies with a cheeky, “Whatever you ask for.” Salman Khan’s expressions are priceless, and Sana’s response adds a touch of double entendre to the conversation.

This prompts laughter from everyone present, and Sana’s laughter is infectious. Subsequently, Sana switches to a mischievous tone, saying, “Yes, yes, that too…” Needless to say, the video has spread like wildfire on social media, leaving netizens in splits.

It’s worth mentioning that Sana Khan has undergone a significant transformation in her life. She bid adieu to the film industry after her marriage to Mufti Anas, and now, she is rarely seen without her abaya. Her videos predominantly focus on Islamic teachings.

This light-hearted exchange between Salman Khan and Sana Khan serves as a delightful reminder of the entertaining moments the audience cherished on Bigg Boss.

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