3 March 2024

Punjab Traffic Police: Revving Health with Discounted Medical Tests & Screenings

In an innovative alliance, Lahore Traffic Police and Test Zone Diagnostics Centre have come together, signing a landmark memorandum of understanding to prioritize the health of the city’s vigilant traffic wardens. This collaboration introduces an exclusive opportunity for traffic police personnel to undergo health-related examinations at special discounted rates.

Punjab Traffic Police

Healthcare Access at Your Service

Under this unique agreement, traffic police personnel gain privileged access to an array of medical tests at significantly discounted rates. This initiative is designed to address the holistic well-being of the traffic wardens, ensuring they have convenient and affordable access to comprehensive health screenings.

Comprehensive Screenings for a Healthier Tomorrow

The suite of medical tests offered includes critical assessments for hepatitis, diabetes, HIV, sugar levels, cholesterol, and stress. This comprehensive approach to healthcare reflects the commitment of both organizations to support the physical and mental well-being of those who tirelessly serve the community.

A Commitment to Wellness

By fostering a culture of wellness among traffic wardens, this collaboration aspires to enhance their overall quality of life. These dedicated individuals play a pivotal role in maintaining order on Lahore’s bustling streets, and this groundbreaking initiative aims to secure a healthier future for them.

Setting a Standard for Community Care

Recognizing the essential role traffic police play in keeping the city safe and orderly, Lahore sets a commendable example by investing in the health and welfare of these everyday heroes. Through initiatives like these, the city not only ensures the well-being of its guardians but also sets a standard for community care and support.

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