29 November 2023

Oppo Find X6 Will have a 100w Charger

There have been rumors and leaks about a new Oppo series for a few weeks. Some of the features of the long-awaited Oppo Find X6 series have been checked out. One of the things people are most excited about with the Oppo Find X6 and Oppo Find X6 Pro is that they can charge quickly.

Oppo Find X6 Pro to Have 100W Charging, Find X6 80W Charging

The most recent sources have shown that the soon-to-be-released Oppo Find X6 pair has received certification from 3C. The fact that the charging speeds of the handsets were also revealed by the 3C Certification is a welcome piece of information. It has been verified that the vanilla Find X6 will allow charging at up to 80W. The Find X6 Pro model, on the other hand, will bring 100W SuperVOOC, which would establish a new record for an Oppo flagship Phone.

It has been speculated that the Vanilla Oppo Find X6 with model number PGFM110 will allow basic cable charging at 5V/2A as well as charging at 5V-11V/7.3A. It will perform at a level that is equivalent to up to 80W SuperVOOC. The handset will also be compatible with the VCB8JACH/VCB8JBCH converter, in addition to the previous compatibility.

The point that is worth emphasizing in this context is that the flagship phones are the only ones that can charge at the 100W rate. Charging will be supported at 11V/9.1A on the PGEM110 Oppo phone, which is rumored to be the Pro model. In addition to that, the smartphone will ship with the exact same SuperVOOC adapter that was included with the standard version.

100W charger for upcoming oppo find

There had been no mention of the battery capabilities of these phones at any point up to this point. Permit me to inform you that the Find X5 flagships from the previous year came equipped with identical charging rates; nevertheless, their physical dimensions varied. Let’s hold off judgment till we find out whether or not the Find X6 will behave in the same manner.

if you are not familiar with the Find X6 Pro Specifications. Here you go. According to reports, the thickness of the Find X6 Pro model which is made of glass will be approximately 9.2 millimeters. In addition, the primary camera that will be located on the back of the smartphone will be a Sony IMX890 sensor. This sensor is a camera with a resolution of 50 megapixels, and it also features a Sony periscope lens with a size of 1/1.56 inches.

For the benefit of those who are unaware, the Find X6 series is the next-generation series of flagship smartphones that the firm plans to release. These flagship smartphones are anticipated to include the most recent flagship CPUs, such as the Dimensity 9200 or the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC. It is speculated that the front panel of the device would include a 6.74-inch OLED display that is capable of an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz and has a resolution of 2K.

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