10 December 2023

WhatsApp Status Features Are Now Available to All Users

The time to wait is finally over. WhatsApp has released a number of new status features after a lengthy beta period. These changes have been made available to most users. Still, it would take some time before everyone could use it. With the latest update to WhatsApp, all smartphones will soon be able to use a private audience selector, voice statuses, emoji replies, status rings, and link previews.

Whatsapp Status features

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Everyone Can Use WhatsApp Status Features

Status Rings

The last thing added to the update is the status rings. All other social media sites have this feature as well. When a contact has a preview of their status that you haven’t seen yet, these rings will appear over their profile picture. If you click it, you can see important information about their status right away.

All devices with the latest version of Android have already started getting the update. Soon, other people will be able to use it.

Emoji Reactions:

Emoji status reactions have been added to WhatsApp, so you can quickly let a friend know what you think about a meme they posted. You can choose from eight different emojis by swiping them up. This won’t change how you can respond with stickers, text, or voice notes in any way.

Voice Status:

This has to be one of the most-wanted additions ever. Users can now post a thirty-second audio clip as a status that will disappear after twenty-four hours.

Private Audience Selector:

Because of this update, the status updates of users will be safer. Users can now change when their statuses are visible whenever they want. With WhatsApp’s new private audience selector, users will be asked to choose who will see their updates.

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