13 June 2024

Laiba Khan Shares Her Surreal Umrah Experience

Laiba Khan is a novice to the entertainment industry but has already made a name for herself in dramas. She is both attractive and accomplished, and her performances have made her a household name. Laiba Khan is also a Hafiz e Quran, which is a fact that few people are aware of. Her passion for acting is what drew her to the industry.

Laiba Khan Shares Her Surreal Umrah Experience

Just recently, Laiba Khan completed her very first Umrah, one of Islam’s five pillars. During the month of Ramadan, Laiba was a guest on Rabia Anum’s program, and she highlighted how weird the experience was for her. She disclosed that she began her Hifz ul Quran studies when she was perhaps 8 or 9 years old, and ever since then, she had desired to carry out Umrah. Her maternal grandfather was the first person in her family to perform the Hajj, and it was at that time that she made the decision to also perform the Umrah. Her paternal grandfather was the first person in her family to perform the Hajj.

In addition, she mentioned that it was an out-of-this-world experience for her to get her first glimpse of the Kaabah. She went on the trip with both her mother and her grandma, and she said it was one of the most memorable experiences of her life.

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