13 June 2024

Insaf Rozgar Scheme 2023

Target Groups:

Insaf Rozgar Scheme 2023 – Potential Economic Activities for New and Existing Livelihoods:

  1. Dairy, Livestock, Poultry, Aquaculture, Sericulture, Apiculture, Horticulture(cattle per household’s capacity & economic viability to support their livelihood)
  2. Agricultural-related off-farming businesses (value chains)
  3. Movable fruit/vegetable/maize cart vendors
  4. Beauticians
  5. Retailers / Small scale traders
  6. Hair Dressing
  7. Laundry / Dry cleaning
  8. Brass / Copper Work
  9. Pottery
  10. Sole Making/Footwear
  11. Maizery (Hemp) work
  12. Metalwork
  13. Khaddar / Khaddi Cloth making
  14. Wax Printing
  15. Calligraphy
  16. Truck Art
  17. Musical Instruments Making / Instrumentalists
  18. Tailors
  19. Transport-related services (Taxi/Rickshaw/Auto Spare Parts etc.)
  20. Tire repair / Puncture shops
  21. Mobile repair / Computer hardware repair / Software repair / Printing / Photocopying etc.
  22. Services such as handloom weaving and garments etc.
  23. Gems
  24. Small Scale Artisans (Mining Marble & Onexy Handicrafts)
  25. Allied services to promote tourism
  26. Professional graduates with viable micro-scale enterprising ideas.

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Insaf Rozgar Scheme 2023

Possible Economic Activities for New and Existing Entrepreneurs from a Professional Standpoint:

  1. Doctors, Engineers, Graduate / New entrant cohorts from technical colleges. TEVT centers, vocational centers.
  2. Professional graduates with viable micro-scale enterprising ideas
  3. Disable persons with skills certification from Special Skills Institutes
  4. Agricultural-related businesses (off-farming)
  5. Beauticians
  6. Small Scale Artisans (Mining Marble & Onexy Handicrafts)
  7. Light Engineering Services
  8. Electricians / Electronics
  9. Technicians / Mechanics / Plumbers
  10. Medical related business
  11. Photography & filmmaking
  12. Furniture / Wood Carving
  13. Handicrafts / Garments stitching / Embroidery/ Dying or other related skills.
  14. Small Scale Artisanal Workers
  15. Skilled women’s home-based enterprises

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Salient Features:
General Eligibility Criteria

  1. A person who lives in Newly Merged Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on a permanent basis.
  2. Having a Computerized National Identity Card that is still valid.
  3. The applicant must have lived at the address given for at least two years.
  4. Age Limit: 18-50.
  5. A person who wants to get help should have a business idea that fits with the skills.
  6. Potential beneficiaries are those who want to start or help their small businesses that are viable and sustainable at NMAs.
  7. There will be a preference for people who have graduated from skilled GoKP development programs or institutes that are affiliated with them.
  8. Female entrepreneurs (including widows)
  9. People who don’t have jobs (labor workforce).
  10. Small traders.
  11. Artisans.
  12. Skilled newcomers or trainees from skilled institutes and vocational centers who don’t have the money to start a small business.
  13. Small-scale business owners who make things, make handicrafts, make clothes, etc.
  14. Other small-scale business ideas or help that can make money.
  15. The business will be a legal person.

Scheme objectives:

  • Socio-economic Development.
  • To Combat Poverty and Reduce Unemployment.
  • Develop entrepreneurial culture.
  • Overall social & financial inclusion of the disadvantaged segments of the newly merged districts through access to finance.

In-Eligibility – Insaf Rozgar Scheme

  • No one works for the government is a part of the government, or is an independent body.
  • Not a regular student
  • The applicant can’t still owe money on a loan from another government, donor, or bank, and their e-CIB must be clean.
  • Not taking out a loan through the Benazir Income Support Program, NRSP, or SRSP under BKKRS, PHRS, RHRS, KKS, YCF, or Wasila-e-Haq.

Loan Size

  1. Trained and skilled professionally:
  2. Loan Amount: Up to Rs. 1,000,000 per customer, based on their business plan.
  3. People who are skilled (informally or semi-informally):
  4. Loan Amount: Up to Rs.500 million per client, based on their business plan.
  5. Women
  6. Skilled women: Up to Rs. 1,000,000, if their business plan is good enough.
  7. General: Up to Rs. 300 million, depending on how well the business can do.
  8. Others
  9. Loan Amount: Rs. 50,000/- to Rs. 300,000/- for new businesses or existing businesses with business skills. The size of the loan will depend on how the business plan or idea is evaluated according to good banking practices.


  • Two PGs and at least one of them must be a government worker with a BPS 07 or higher.


  • Three years, plus three months of grace (for new enterprises only).

Post-Approval Stage

  • Agreement of Finance.
  • Demand Promissory Note.
  • Personal Guarantee.
  • Any necessary document (where required).

Required Documents – Insaf Rozgar Scheme

Pre-Approval Stage

  • For forms that are filled out correctly, Download Form
  • A copy of the applicant’s and the guarantor’s valid CNICs (e-NADRA Verification)
  • Two photos of the applicant and guarantors the same size as a passport.
  • Attested copy of Degree, Diploma, or Skill Certification from any recognized institute (where applicable) (where applicable).
  • Salary slip from the government. Download
  • Letter of Comfort from the department in charge that clearly says BPS for the government guarantor.
  • Proof of the private guarantor’s income in the form of a document and a promise on stamp paper.

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