29 November 2023

ICC Cricket World Cup Schedule 2023

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 is just around the corner, and cricket enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting this grand sporting event. In this article, we will delve into the schedule of this highly anticipated tournament, providing you with all the essential details you need to know. From the opening match to the final showdown, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

Here we are going to talk about the ICC Cricket World Cup Schedule 2023.

BengaluruTimeTeam 1Team 2Venues
Oct 05, Thu1:30 PMEnglandNew ZealandAhmadabad
Oct 06, Fri1:30 PMPakistanNetherlandsHyderabad
Oct 07, Sat10:00 AMBangladeshAfghanistanDharamsala
Oct 07, Sat1:30 PMSouth AfricaSri LankaDelhi
Oct 08, Sat1:30 PMIndiaAustraliaChennai
Oct 09, Mon1:30 PMNew ZealandNetherlandsHyderabad
Oct 10, Tue10:00 AMEnglandBangladeshDharamsala
Oct 11, Wed1:30 PMIndiaAfghanistanDelhi
Oct 12, Thu1:30 PMAustraliaSouth AfricaLucknow
Oct 13, Fri1:30 PMNew ZealandBangladeshChennai
Oct 14, Sat1:30 PMPakistanIndiaAhmadabad
Oct 15, Sun1:30 PMEnglandAfghanistanDelhi
Oct 16, Mon1:30 PMAustraliaSri LankaLucknow
Oct 17, Tue1:30 PMSouth AfricaNetherlandsDharamsala
Oct 18, Wed1:30 PMNew ZealandAfghanistanChennai
Oct 19, Thu1:30 PMIndiaBangladeshPune
Oct 20, Fri1:30 PMPakistanAustraliaBengaluru
Oct 21, Fri10:00 AMNetherlandsSri LankaLucknow
Oct 21, Fri1:30 PMEnglandSouth AfricaMumbai
Oct 22, Sun1:30 PMIndiaNew ZealandDharamsala
Oct 23, Mon1:30 PMPakistanAfghanistanChennai
Oct 24, Tue1:30 PMSouth AfricaBangladeshMumbai
Oct 25, Wed1:30 PMAustraliaNetherlandsDelhi
Oct 26, Thu1:30 PMEnglandSri LankaBengaluru
Oct 27, Fri1:30 PMPakistanSouth AfricaChennai
Oct 28, Sat10:00 AMAustraliaNew ZealandDharamsala
Oct 28, Sat1:30 PMNetherlandsBangladeshKolkata
Oct 29, Sun1:30 PMIndiaEnglandLucknow
Oct 30, Mon1:30 PMAfghanistanSri LankaPune
Oct 31, Tue1:30 PMPakistanBangladeshKolkata
Nov 01, Wed1:30 PMNew ZealandSouth AfricaPune
Nov 02, Thu1:30 PMIndiaSri LankaMumbai
Nov 03, Fri1:30 PMNetherlandsAfghanistanLucknow
Nov 04, Sat10:00 AMPakistanNew ZealandBengaluru
Nov 04, Sat1:30 PMAustraliaEnglandAhmadabad
Nov 05, Sun1:30 PMIndiaSouth AfricaKolkata
Nov 06, Mon12:30 PMBangladeshSri LankaDelhi
Nov 07, Mon12:30 PMAustraliaAfghanistanMumbai
Nov 08, Tue12:30 PMEnglandNetherlandsPune
Nov 09, Wed12:30 PMSri LankaNew ZealandBengaluru
Nov 10, Thu12:30 PMSouth AfricaAfghanistanAhmadabad
Nov 11, Fri09:00 AMAustraliaBangladeshPune
Nov 12, Sat12:30 PMIndiaNetherlandsBengaluru
Nov 15, Wed12:30 PMTBC vs TBC 1st Semi-FinalMumbai
Nov 16, Thu12:30 PMTBC vs TBC 2nd Semi-FinalKolkata
Nov 19, Sun12:30 PMTBC vs TBCFinalAhmadabad

Introduction to ICC Cricket World Cup

Before we dive into the schedule, let’s take a quick look at what the ICC Cricket World Cup is all about. This international cricket tournament is organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and features teams from around the world competing for the prestigious title.

The Format

The ICC Cricket World Cup follows a round-robin format, where each participating team plays against every other team in a league stage. The top teams then progress to the knockout stage, leading up to the final match.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule

Now, let’s explore the schedule for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

Opening Ceremony

The tournament kicks off with a dazzling opening ceremony that promises to be a spectacular event, featuring music, dance, and cricketing legends.

Group Stage Matches

The group stage is the heart of the tournament, where each team competes in a round-robin format. Matches will be held across various cricket stadiums in India, the host nation.

Match 1: India vs. England

The inaugural match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 features the host nation, India, facing off against England. It’s a clash of titans that no cricket fan wants to miss.

Match 2: Australia vs. South Africa

Two cricket powerhouses, Australia and South Africa, go head to head in a thrilling encounter that promises excitement and fierce competition.

Match 3: Pakistan vs. Ind

Defending champions, Pakistan, take on New Zealand in a match that could set the tone for their respective campaigns in the tournament.

Pakistan vs. India Watch live

Match 4: West Indies vs. Sri Lanka

The West Indies and Sri Lanka meet in what is expected to be a closely contested battle, showcasing the talent of these cricket-loving nations.

Knockout Stage

As the group stage concludes, the top teams advance to the knockout stage, consisting of quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the ultimate showdown.


The quarter-final matches are crucial, as teams strive to secure a spot in the semi-finals and move one step closer to the coveted trophy.


The semi-finals are where the pressure intensifies, and cricket fans witness high-stakes clashes that can go down in history.

Final Match

The pinnacle of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, the final match, will determine the world champion. The cricketing world will be glued to their screens as two teams battle it out for supremacy.


The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 promises to be a cricketing extravaganza like no other. With a captivating schedule that includes thrilling group stage matches, intense knockout encounters, and the grand final, this tournament is set to enthrall fans worldwide. Make sure you don’t miss the action!


  1. When and where will the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 opening ceremony take place?
    • The opening ceremony will take place on [Date] at [Location].
  2. How many teams are participating in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023?
    • A total of [Number] teams are participating in the tournament.
  3. Where can I purchase tickets for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 matches?
    • Tickets for the matches can be purchased online through the official ICC website or at the stadium ticket counters.
  4. Who are the favorites to win the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023?
    • While it’s hard to predict, teams like [Team A], [Team B], and [Team C] are considered strong contenders.
  5. Can I watch the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 matches online?
    • Yes, you can stream the matches live on various online platforms, including [Streaming Service Name].

Get ready for the cricketing extravaganza of a lifetime! For more information and to secure your access, visit this link. Don’t miss out on the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 action!

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