14 April 2024

HEC Degree Attestation Fees February 2024: Your Complete Guide

HEC Degree Attestation Fees February 2024: Degree attestation is a crucial step for Pakistani students aiming to pursue higher studies or employment opportunities abroad. Fortunately, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has introduced an online process for degree attestation, making it more convenient and hassle-free for applicants.

HEC Degree Attestation Fee Check it Now

To kickstart the process, candidates can visit the official HEC website through the provided link: https://eservices.hec.gov.pk. The application process is straightforward and can be completed in a few simple steps.

  • Firstly, register yourself at the website.
  • Create your account and input all required information.
  • Proceed to apply for initial scrutiny of documents.
  • Upon successful initial scrutiny, applicants will be notified via SMS and email.
  • After this step, applicants have the option to schedule their appointment for walk-in mode (urgent only) or send their documents through courier.
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Following this, applicants have two options for degree attestation: walk-in mode and courier service mode. For urgent cases, the walk-in mode allows applicants or their authorized representatives to visit the HEC office in person for document submission and attestation.

On the other hand, the courier service mode caters to regular applicants. In this mode, applicants can conveniently send their documents through courier services, whether they are in Pakistan or abroad. The courier company takes care of the attestation process and ensures the safe return of documents.

This initiative by HEC aims to streamline the degree attestation process, making it more accessible and efficient for Pakistani students seeking international opportunities. In addition to this service, it’s also worth noting that the UK has announced a teacher training program for educators in England. This presents another avenue for professional development and international collaboration in the field of education.

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Urgent HEC Degree Attestation Fee Update Feb 2024

When applying for urgent document attestation, applicants must include an additional fee known as the urgent attestation service fee, which amounts to 3000 Rs. This fee is necessary for expedited processing of documents to meet urgent deadlines or requirements. On the other hand, the standard fees for attesting the original document and its photocopy remain consistent. The fee for attesting the original document is 1000 Rs.

While attesting the photocopy costs 700 Rs. These fees cover the administrative costs associated with verifying and authenticating the documents as per the required standards. Applicants need to be aware of these fee structures to ensure the smooth processing of their document attestation requests.

Normal HEC Degree Attestation Fee Feb 2024

Effective August 5, 2023, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has implemented a new system for receiving attestation fees through 1-link, an online payment platform. Applicants are now required to pay the attestation fee online via 1-link and subsequently confirm the payment on their profile.

Under this system, the fee for attesting an original document is 100 Rs. While the fee for attesting a photocopy of the document is 700 Rs.

This online payment method aims to streamline the payment process and enhance convenience for applicants seeking document attestation services from HEC. Applicants must adhere to this new procedure to ensure the timely processing of their attestation requests.

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