July 22, 2024

Gippy Grewal DENIES friendship with Salman Khan

In a shocking turn of events, Punjabi singer-actor Gippy Grewal finds himself at the center of a dangerous episode, as shots were fired at his residence in Canada. The incident, claimed by notorious gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, has brought to light an unsettling connection between the attack and Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. Grewal, however, denies any substantial association with Khan, who appears to be the primary target of Bishnoi’s ominous message.

Grewal’s Clarification: In an exclusive interview with News18, Gippy Grewal set the record straight, emphasizing that his encounters with Salman Khan were minimal. Grewal recounted meeting Khan on the sets of Bigg Boss and again during the trailer launch of his Punjabi movie, Maujaan Hi Maujaan, earlier this year. “I have no friendship with Salman Khan, and the anger of it is being taken out on me,” Grewal asserted, expressing his shock and bewilderment at the unfolding events.

Gippy Grewal DENIES friendship with Salman Khan

Safety Concerns for Grewal’s Family: The early morning attack on Grewal’s West Vancouver home has understandably raised concerns about the safety of the singer and his family. Salman Khan, however, has yet to make a public statement addressing the incident, leaving fans and the public awaiting his response.

Bishnoi’s Chilling Message: Lawrence Bishnoi’s Facebook post on Sunday, directly addressing Gippy Grewal, indicated a menacing turn of events. “You consider Salman Khan a brother, but now it’s time for your ‘brother’ to come and save you,” the post read. It further issued a chilling warning to Khan himself: “Don’t be in the illusion that Dawood will save you; no one can save you.” This ominous message adds another layer to the ongoing saga between Bishnoi and Salman Khan.

The Ongoing Saga: This recent incident is not the first time Lawrence Bishnoi has targeted Salman Khan. In March 2023, Bishnoi allegedly issued a threat against Khan, prompting heightened security measures around the Bollywood icon. The roots of this animosity trace back to a 1998 case where Khan faced accusations of killing blackbucks, considered sacred by the Bishnoi community.

As the story continues to unfold, the intertwined fates of Gippy Grewal, Salman Khan, and Lawrence Bishnoi cast a shadow over the entertainment industry, leaving fans and authorities alike on edge.

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