26 September 2023

What facilities have been given to Imran Khan in B Class of Attock Jail?

The Najab government has provided several facilities to Chairman PTI in Attock Jail.

Highly reliable sources told ‘Jung’ that the four cells allotted to Imran Khan are each 8 feet wide and 12 feet long. In the cell in which Imran Khan sleeps, the toilet has been removed and built in another cell, while a large shower room has been built in place of the toilet, and a basin has been installed outside the cell to wash hands. has gone

A large shower room was made for Imran Khan to take a bath

Imran Khan is being given prison food, but three doctors check this food before taking it.

Sources said that on his first day in jail, Imran Khan was given prayers, the Holy Quran and famous Israeli writer and historian Yuval Novah Harari’s famous novel Homo Deus and other books to study. Shaving supplies were provided upon my arrival.

Sources said that the Punjab Home Department had issued a notification on August 11 to give ‘B’ class to PTI Chairman Imran Khan in Attock Jail. Sources said that no decision has been taken regarding Imran Khan’s transfer to Adiala Jail

Imran Khan’s food is checked by three doctors

Sources said that Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi has written a letter to the Additional Chief Secretary Home, in which it has been said that Mr. Niazi deserves ‘B’ class in jail under the rules 243 and 248 of the Pakistan Prisons Rules, Punjab. In response to this letter, the government has decided to send an ongoing notification regarding giving ‘B’ class to Bushra Bibi by the Home Department.

According to the copy of Bushra Bibi’s letter received by ‘Jung’, it has been requested from the Additional Chief Secretary Home Punjab that ‘B’ class facility is not available in Attock Jail, so Imran Khan should be transferred to Adiala Jail. In addition, they should be allowed to have home-cooked meals and visit a personal physician

Imran Khan was provided with shaving equipment as soon as he came to jail

The letter said that according to the jail manual, the authorities were supposed to provide them with ‘B’ class facilities within 12 hours, which were not provided even after 12 days, which is an insult to the leader of Pakistan’s largest political party.

Bushra Bibi requested in her letter that it is a human right to provide medical and health facilities to a person.

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