26 September 2023

A Closer Look at Morris House by Martin Fenlon Architecture

Morris House planned by Martin Fenlon Engineering comprises an expansion and remodel to a current farmhouse arranged on a tenderly down-slanting parcel with a remarkable view and is situated in the Good Country Park area of Los Angeles.

“Fully intent on boosting light and space on a restricted spending plan, the plan was created and changed in an improvisational way by the engineer and the proprietors throughout the span of development.

The residing, eating, and main room and restroom regions reached out from the rear of the current house inside a differentiating wood-clad expansion, framing another parking space. The recently stretched-out spaces have floor-to-roof glass walls, which let in a wealth of normal light and case the far-reaching view. The top of the vitally residing space is penetrated by a halfway positioned lookout window (suggestive of old Roman compluvia, a midway positioned opening in the rooftop that got regular light and gathered water), which discharges undesirable hot air out of the latently cooled space. Lookout windows additionally cut the revamped kitchen which is presently nonstop with the living and feasting regions. Together, these spaces stream out onto the new open-air deck, where a sun-breaker approaches the sky, progressing from the inside to the outside past.

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